Instructor Bios

Our team of dance instructors are dedicated to the art of traditional Greek dancing. Many of them danced in LEM as children and have remained with the group since then. Read on for a biography about each of our instructors.

Panagiotis Bakalis :: Laval

Panagiotis Bakalis has been dancing for 18 years. He was 5 years old when he started dancing. He did not like at first, but by the age of 10 he loved it. His favourite styles of Greek dancing are from those regions that allow him express and represent myself: Hpeiro, Makedonia and Peloponniso. The dances he loves to perform are Tsamiko, Kalamatiano, Lyto, Gaida, Syrto Stadyo (Pwgwnisia) and Pousnitsa. His favorite Greek songs are Hlios, Kleftes, Zalizomai and Tasia. His favourite musician is his good friend, Niko Filippidi, as well as Thodoris Tassoulas, Kwstas Gianakopoulos, Kostas Mitsios, Kostas Mitsis, Giorgos Marinakis and Aris Ntinas.

Greek dancing a way of life for Panagiotis, fuelling him with the energy he needs to teach and promote hundreds and thousands of years of Hellenic traditions and customs. Greek dancing is his way of giving back to his community and to express his love for his country, Greece.

Other than dancing, Pangiotis is passionate about playing the klarino – which he says is more like an addiction. It is an instrument that he can relate to both musically and dance wise. He is currently studying biochemistry at Concordia University, and looks forward to working for a pharmaceutical firm once he graduates.

Nelli Vlahandreas :: Orpheus

Biography to come.

Maria Koziris :: Roxboro

Maria Koziris has been dancing for 15 years, starting at the very young age of 4 and a half. Her two favourite styles of Greek dancing are Cretan and Nisiotika. The dance she loves most to perform is Malevisiotiko. She loves all Greek music, especially Trimitonio, Nikos Xilouris, Antreas Manolarakis, Konitopouleoi, Panos Kiamos and Nikos Zoidakis.  Her favourite Greek song is Markadoro by Trimitonio.

For Maria, Greek dancing brings her closer to her Greek roots. Greek dancing also reminds her of her beloved giagia and pappou who were both very talented dancers.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys being with her friends and family. She is currently a student at Dawson College, hoping to study Psychology at McGill or Concordia.

Demitra Gouvoussis :: Laval

Demitra Gouvoussis has been dancing for 13 years. She joined her first dance group when she was 5. Her favourite Greek songs are Sfiriksa kai elixes, O Sigane Mou Potame and Koniali. The dance she most loves to perform the most is Kritiko Syrto. Her favourite Greek singers or musicians are Antonis Martsakis, Panos Kiamos, Nikos Xilouris and Giannis Ploutarxos.

For Demitra, Greek dancing allows her to maintain and preserve her culture as well as Greek traditions. She strongly believes that Greek dancing is something that should be carried/passed on by all Greeks, whether they are living in or outside of Greece.

Demitra likes to play traditional Greek music on the violin. She recently graduated from Dawson College, hoping to be at John Molson School of Business, majoring in Accounting, in the Fall.

Christina Vongas :: Montreal

Biography to come.

Alexandria Lalos :: Montreal

Alexandria Lalos has been Greek dancing for 12 years. She started taking dance lessons at the age of 7. Throughout her years of dancing, she has been introduced to numerous styles, but she has always had a particular fondness for Thracean dances. Her favourite dance to perform is koulouriasto because it is difficult to master, but when it is performed correctly, it is not only fun to watch, but also to perform. For Alexandra, Greek dancing brings people together and keeps our culture alive. 

Other than Greek dancing, Alexandria’s other passions include reading, photography and fashion. She is currently at Concordia University majoring in Psychology.

Nopie Tzotzis :: St-Hubert, Aetopoula, Trandelines & Pegasus

Biography to come.

Ellie-Anna Minogiannis :: Orpheus, Pegasus, Trandelines & Aetopoula

Biography to come.

Angelo Gonis :: Pegasus, Trandelines & Aetopoula

Angelo Gonis has been dancing for 14 years, starting from the age of 6. What he loves most about Greek dancing is that every region has its own characteristics and style of dance. If he had to choose just one as his favourite, it would be dances from the islands. An island dance feels like one long flowing dance instead of a set of steps being repeated, and the music has a light sound.

For Angelo, Greek dancing way to keep in touch with friends as well as a method to preserve my culture and traditions.

When Angelo is not dancing, he likes to play paintball and video games. He also enjoys reading. He is currently studying to be a Paramedic at John Abbott College.

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